1. AK & MS @ Copenhagen IM
  2. Paddy & Darran
  3. Michael @ 70.3 European Championships
  4. Michael @ Dublin 70.3
  5. Hilary on her way to another age group win!
  6. Michael competing in Triathlon Ireland Category 1 races
  7. G & A at Lough Cutra '18
  8. Andrew @ Majorca 70.3
  9. Andy @ Portrush
  10. Dublin 70.3
  11. Michael @ European 70.3 Championships
  12. Andy completing Ironman Austria
  13. G & G - Derry Marathon
  14. Majorca training camp
  15. Dan @ Groomsport 70.3
  16. Graham @ Dublin 70.3
  17. Phil and Graham at Dublin 70.3
  18. Arran biking @ Peninsula
  19. HIlary in Europe
  20. Strangford
  21. Wales IM
  22. Lough Cutra
  23. Darran & Paddy


  1. Arran McKee
    Arran McKee
    I have been a Triathlon Coach since 2013 and in that time, I have learned a lot. A lot about Triathlon, a lot about training the Human body to be conditioned for the rigours of endurance sports and a lot about people. The biggest lesson I have learned however is about the unconquerable human spirit and the amazing things that Human beings can do when they truly commit and believe in something.
  2. Andy Kennedy
    Andy Kennedy
    Vast experience as a triathlete having been awarded the prestigious Silver All World Athlete, having raced in multiple Ironman races, Half Ironman races and winner of Age Group awards on the domestic scene at Sprint and Standard distance. Now focusing on coaching, Andy is Level 1 Swim Coach with Swim Ireland and also Level 1 ITU Triathlon coach.


Fusion Triathlon Coaching Ethos

To develop our athletes physically and mentally to meet the many challenges along the road to achieving and exceeding their goals. We strive to instill a strong, positive ethos in our athletes with an emphasis on developing personal belief and physical conditioning simultaneously. In doing so, we prepare our athletes to cope with adversity, push through self-imposed plateaus and achieve real results without negatively impacting on the athlete's personal life.

The role of the Coach is an interesting one, you're part motivator, part manager, part scientist, part drill-sergeant, part psychologist and finally, part friend.  It's important to build bonds with your athletes, you need them to trust you and believe in what you're trying to get them to achieve.  Most of all, you need honesty and the best way to get honesty is to build trust.  When everything goes to plan, the dots line up and the stars align - there is truly no better feeling than witnessing one of your athletes achieve their potential. 

To be a good Triathlete, we believe that you need to understand some things -
(1) Don't over complicate things, keep it simple.  
(2) Doing what everyone else is doing isn't necessarily going to yield you the improvements that you desire, each Athlete responds to different training stimulus.  
(3) The first step to you becoming better is to start by believing in yourself and what you're trying to achieve. 

We're not all going to reach the dizzy heights of representing our countries at the Olympics so it's also important to remember to enjoy the sport and enjoy your achievements for what they are.  We want to see our athletes smiling from ear to ear at the finish line, shaking the hands of their competitors on completion of a tough race where they have given their maximum, that for us - is the ultimate barometer for success.